See what a few of our happy customers had to say:

“I just brought a client shopping , and the experience was outstanding. Not only is the quality of what they consign amazing, but the store is well lit and easy to shop.”

Dana L.

“I have been shopping here for over 7 years. Having shopped a lot at Saks and Neiman Marcus, this was a welcome change. I have paid a mere $300-$400 for a brand new suit that would have normally run me well over $2,000.00. There is some pre-owned consignment, but many many brand new items from high-end mens stores around the country. At the end of every month on the last Saturday, there is a Tent Sale in where you get ties for $1, shirts for $5, and suits for $10, but the only reason I avoid these is due to the fact that most shoppers there will never purchase anything from the store at normal pricing, which is usually even cheaper than eBay. I give it 2 thumbs up and 5 Stars!!”

Michael H.

“No doubt about it . . . best high end bargain men’s shop for traditional clothes in the Denver-metro area. Totally humiliates Ross and T-J Maxx. Have purchased new $1,000 suits for $150; $150 shoes for $30; $50 ties for $10 or less. The deal is you have to go and check the stuff out and see what happens to be there, instead of going with a specific wish list you’ve gotta fill.”

David M.